Weekly active accounts

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What is weekly active accounts?

Weekly Active Accounts is a means to keep track of weekly accounts of your product. In other words, it estimates the number of different accounts that have used an or software at least once in the past week.

So, one or more users may be part of an active account. They can sign in and carry out a particular action on an app. One approach to assess how involved your clients are is to look at their weekly active accounts. You may use forum posts and interactions that occur weekly.

Someone is likely to be an engaged consumer if they frequently log in and utilize your product. But the best way to get the details about weekly active accounts is to use the information of weekly active users as well.

There are certain factors that affect active users or accounts. These factors include the number of total downloads, utilizing push notifications, and app exclusivity. App exclusivity has a great impact on active accounts. To drive traffic on apps, you can give digital tickets to users.

Weekly active accounts formula

Weekly Active Accounts are the number of unique accounts that viewed or used your mobile app during the previous seven days. It is counted from the beginning of the appointed day.

For example, if you receive 20 unique accounts from Monday to Saturday, you lose 4 on Sunday, but the other 16 return. So, 20 would be your weekly active accounts. But why 20?

That’s because even the four accounts you lost on Sunday were active or engaged once a week. Hence, you should count them too.

Here’s the formula you must use to calculate weekly active accounts.

Weekly Active Accounts Formula

How to measure weekly active accounts

To measure weekly active accounts, you can calculate the total number of accounts on your website or app. Then, see how many accounts are engaged in a week.

For instance, if you have 1000 total users on your app or website and 500 of them have visited in a week, then 50% of users have weekly active accounts.

This is one of the most basic and simple ways to measure active accounts in a week.

You may also follow the criteria mentioned below to know who has active accounts.

  • Include accounts that swipe, click a button, and scroll.
  • Include users who logged in to the app but later left it untouched.
  • Count accounts logged into the app and also click any button
  • Also, choose accounts that have clicked a button but later closed it due to some reasons.

You can also define the frequency of engagement on your own terms. However, you must first collect the data of accounts with the help of an analytical tool.

Now include the unique accounts that fulfill your criteria of active accounts in a week. In this manner, you won’t leave any single user who only logged in and closed the app without showing any other activity.

Weekly active accounts example

From a number of use cases of weekly active accounts, here are the best ones. Let’s delve into it right away!

  • Online banking application by calculating the number of accounts that make a transfer.
  • E-commerce websites – If you have an e-commerce app or website, count accounts that add products to your cart.
  • SaaS – For this, measure weekly active accounts by counting the unique accounts that are using your software.

Let’s take an example of an e-commerce website. A website with an XYZ name wants to grow sales. Also, they’re aiming for new clients or leads. So, we can say they want to achieve two goals.

So, they can make criteria for active accounts in the following manner.

  • A number of unique logins on the website.
  • A number of unique accounts that add products to the cart.
  • A number of unique accounts that buy products from the store.

Now count the users on the basis of these criteria. Make sure that you don’t leave the users who only logged in and didn’t show further activities. Also, start the measurement from the first day of the week till the last day.

If you have a SaaS website, analyze both free and paid users. Also, observe the average time a user is engaged on your website.


Weekly active accounts

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