360° view of customers

Churn360 brings your customer data that exists in various sources into one single view making it easier for Customer Success Managers to get a complete picture of your customer

360° view of Customers

Churn360 Customer Engagements

Customer engagements

  • Customers communicate through various channels including email, chat, phone and online meetings and you may use different third party softwares for each of these channels.
  • Churn360 integrates with these third party softwares and brings all communication related to one customer in a single place.
  • Say goodbye to lost communications and make it a breeze for any member of the team to get up to speed with a customer by reviewing all the past communications.

Churn360 Customer Data

Key customer data in one glance

  • Churn360 integrates with financial systems like Chargebee and usage tracking softwares like Segment to bring in all the data that you would need to understand the health of the customer in one quick glance.
  • From credit cards expiring to reduction in active users, you can get all the information in one place.
  • No more switching between multiple apps and gathering data from different places into a spreadsheet.

Personalise the dashboard

Personalise the dashboard

  • Churn360 allows Customer Success Managers to customise scorecards and dashboards to show the information they are most interested in.
  • Choose from more than 50+ widgets showing various data about customers in a format best suited for the CSM.

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