Retain customers by showing them value

Customers who see value in your product will stay, but if they don’t, they will leave. Use Churn360 to identify Customers that have not seen the value from your product yet and then address their problem. Track customers that require help by creating alerts and notifications based on product usage and health scores. Understand their needs, map it to your product to help them see the product’s value.

Customer retention
Churn360 task managements

Use customer usage as a key indicator to monitor churn

  • Track Customer usage in real time and set up alerts when usage changes beyond a threshold.
  • If usage is low or it changes drastically in comparison to their Customer Cohorts, it is a clear indicator that the Customer is not getting the value they can be getting.
  • Understand the needs of the customer and help them realise value.
360° report on your customer using health scores

Get a 360° report on your customer using health scores

  • Churn360 health score is very powerful yet simple to use.
  • It tracks a number of data points that give you a 360° report on your Customer based on which appropriate action can be created when the score changes depending on the area which has impacted the score like usage, survey results, support tickets or even lack of communication between the CSM and the Customer.
Empower Customer Success Managers to be proactive instead of reactive

Empower customer success managers to be proactive instead of reactive

  • All these tools on Churn360 help Customer Success Managers to look at early signs that a Customer is not doing as well as some other Customers in the same Cohort.
  • This allows Customer Success Managers to proactively work out strategies by understanding the Customers better and helping them solve the issues they have with the product before it’s too late.

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