Customer segmentation

Segment your customers into groups based on common traits to manage your customers and perform bulk actions better

Customer Segmentation

Segment customers

Segment customers based on the data that makes sense to your customers

  • Churn360 makes all of your customer data available while creating segments.
  • This makes it easy to drill deep to create group of customers with common traits.
  • For example, you could create a segment that comprises of Enterprise customers in the Oil and Gas Industry whose health score is good and are likely to upgrade.

Create once, use everywhere

Create once, use everywhere

  • Once a Segment is created, it can be used on any of the features in the product from customer list to plays, customer journey to customer health score.
  • When you create a custom view to check specific data and feel that it will be useful as a segment, you can save the view as a Segment.

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