Plays & automations

Enable customer success managers to manage more customers with a personal touch using plays and automations

Plays & automations
Plays and Automations

Automate repetitive tasks

  • Use Automations to parts of your customer success processes that do not require a manual intervention.
  • Create tasks, meetings and send personalised emails at scale.
Execute your process through plays

Execute your process through plays

  • Plays allow you to define milestones, activities and tasks to execute your Customer Success process making it simpler for Customer Success Managers to know what they are supposed to do today and what tasks are upcoming.
 Play tracking

Keep a track on the customer progress

  • Plays can be created for various processes like Onboarding, Renewal, Low Health Score Revival, etc.
  • Once plays are assigned to Customers, in one view you can see which Customers are on-track with the tasks and the ones that are falling behind and extra attention can be given to those Customers.

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