Customer journey

Reduce churn by monitoring whether your customers are moving through the lifecycle stages of onboarding, adoption, renewal, upsell. The customers that are stuck are at risk of churning so proactive action can be taken before it is too late.

Customer journey

Customer journey lifecycle

Define the customer journey lifecycle as suited to your business

  • You can implement the steps that happens at each stage of the customer journey as per your customer success process.
  • Configure and manage customer journeys seamlessly with enhanced features including conditional entry, manual assignment, and creating milestones in the journey itself.
  • Add tasks, activities and milestones along with due dates and reminders and help the Customer Success Managers fight churn by not letting activities slip through.

Journey display datas

The most important data in a quick glance

  • Wherever the customer’s name appears on the portal, there are smart widgets that shows how the customer is doing along with the most important information about them displayed.

The Platform that will help Reduce Churn and Increase Revenue

  • Onboarding is arguably the most important phase in a customer journey.
  • How a customer is onboarded sets the tone for the rest of the customer’s experience.
  • Using Churn360 you can define the onboarding process and assign tasks to the CSM’s and Customers to ensure the onboarding is as smooth as possible.
  • During the adoption phase, the goal is to get the users to understand the value of the product and start using the product to solve their business problems.
  • Churn360 makes it easy to invite new users, share information about certain features and get instant feedback from your customer’s users using in-app notifications and surveys.
  • Churn360 provides a number of tools to ensure your customer’s renewal is as smooth as possible.
  • From checking your customer’s usage, tracking the value they are getting from your product to ensuring the credit card has not expired.
  • Your renewal process followed by your CSM along with Churn360’s tools helps your renewal to be as smooth as possible.
  • A satisfied happy customer who is using the product fully is a perfect candidate to upsell. Churn360 helps your CSM’s by identifying such customers to help realize more value from existing Customers.

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