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Get to know your at-risk customers at a glance using health scores

Customer Health Score

Get to know your risk

Get to know your at-risk customers at a glance using health scores

  • Getting a 360 degree view of a customer involves analysing various factors about the customer.
  • This includes their usage information, licensing information, license utilisation, billing status, credit card expiry date, NPS, CSAT survey responses, key sponsor relationship to name a few.
  • For a customer success manager to keep track of this constantly is very time consuming.
  • This is where health scores come in. They do the work for you and inform you in a glance on which customers are doing well and which customers need your attention.


Completely customisable algorithms to calculate the score

  • Customize health score parameters multiple times with weighted values, allowing configuration of poor and healthy conditions for enhanced flexibility.
  • There are pre-defined categories and data points that the admin can define to focus on aspects that are important to your customers.
  • For some customers, frequency of usage might be a key indicator, for others feature adoption might be a key indicator of churn.
  • Configure Health Scores to reflect your requirement and make it easy to identify which customers are at risk and which customer is at the stage of upsell.


Create different criteria for different set of customers

  • Using Segments, you can group customers with similar attributes together.
  • Since different group of customers might have different criteria to estimate how they are doing, you can create multiple health scores and assign them to different segments.
  • You can also define the grading scale to denote what score is considered poor, concerning and healthy for your customers.

Get insights on your customers like never before

Monitoring Health Scores is the simplest way to stay on top of how your customers are performing. In a quick glance you can see which customers are in concerning or poor health scores and need your urgent attention. Earlier in order to get this data, you would have had to pull data from your various systems including usage modules, support desks, financial systems and so on. Now Health Scores considers all these factors and tells you which customer is most likely to churn and which customers are ready for upsell.

Get insights on your customers like never before

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