Workspace is the where the customer success managers can find all the information required to perform their day-to-day activities. Their upcoming tasks, calendar, emails from their customers and support tickets is available here.

CSM Workspace
Churn360 task managements

All your tasks in one place

  • When using plays to automate your customer success processes, tasks are automatically created for CSM’s.
  • These, along with tasks that are manually created by the CSMs are all available in one place in the workspace.
Check your tasks along with your company details

View customer details along with the task

  • While scrolling through the tasks, view the Customer’s information on the right-side pane to view the tasks in full context.
  • No more switching between your task list and customer details.
Your Mailbox within Churn360

Your mailbox within Churn360

  • View the emails of the customers that you manage from within your workspace.
  • The emails are automatically tagged to the relevant Customer and all the communications related to the Customer is one place.
  • Send emails from anywhere within Churn360 through your own mailbox.
Check your meetings and upcoming renewals in calendar

Keep your calendar in-sync

  • Keep your calendar in-sync with whichever mail server you use, from Office365 to Google.
  • Automatically schedule meetings using Plays and save your meeting recordings to your relevant Customer.

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