Customer surveys

Churn360 provides customisable surveys that can be sent by email or through in-app communications. Capture real-time feedback and insights from your customers and include it in the health score.

Customer surveys

Use NPS Scores to gauge the loyalty of customers towards your brand. You can either email the survey or prompt the survey once the Customer completes an action on your product.


Customer Satisfaction Survey is typically used to gauge the satisfaction level of Customers post a particular transaction.


Customer Effort Score provides direct feedback to product and support teams on how much effort Customers have put in, in order to accomplish a task.

Customizable survey email templates

Customizable survey email templates

  • Using Plays and Automations, you can trigger Surveys to be sent based on pre-defined conditions.
  • Trigger a survey when Health Score increases or when a support ticket is closed or when an action is completed on your product.
Template creation and customise

Template creation and customise survey emails

  • Create beautiful looking templates matching your brand guidelines easily using our drag and drop template creator.
Create and send reports

Create and send reports

  • Create powerful reports that will provide insights to your leadership team and product development teams with a click of a button.

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