Identify customers ready to upsell

Churn360 monitors various aspects of your customer including usage, sentiment and licence utilisation to identify customers that might be ready to upsell helping customer success managers to focus on the customers with the highest probability.

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Customers ready to upsell

Usage and license utilisation

Usage and license utilisation

  • When your customer’s product usage is high compared to others in their Cohort, there is a good probability that the Customer is happy with your product.
  • Likewise, if the licence utilisation is high and the company size is more, it’s a great opportunity to sell more licences to this customer.
  • Customer success managers can get in touch with these customers with offers to attract the customer to buy more from you.

Target Customers for Upsell based on Surveys

Target customers for upsell based on surveys

  • Surveys provide great insights into what customers feel about your product and service. Use NPS, CES and CSAT types of surveys to get further understanding about your customers.
  • Customers who rate you highly in their NPS and CSAT scores are more likely to recommend you to other teams in their company and even to other customers.
  • Customer success managers can use this data to target these customers for potential upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Right plan

Ensure customers are on the right plan for them

  • Using the tools in Churn360 along with the data like usage and licence and feature utilisation, suggest the right plans for your customers.
  • This will increase customer happiness and satisfaction and ensure you retain these customers and also increase revenue for your company.

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