What is DAU/MAU ratio?

The DAU/MAU Ratio is a user engagement metric that measures the approximate number of days in a month that users perform a specific action.

Presented as a percentage, the DAU/MAU ratio represents the proportion of a company’s monthly active users (MAUs) that engage with a site, app, or platform on a daily basis.

How to measure DAU/MAU ratio

You can gain a lot of information about your business performance by calculating the DAU/MAU ratio. A metric like this can be used in conjunction with others to evaluate customer engagement and make plans for the future. To calculate the DAU/MAU ratio, follow these five steps:

1. Identify what constitutes an active user

2. Calculate the daily active users (DAU)

3. Calculate the number of monthly active users (MAU)

Average MAU = Sum of each month’s unique users / 12

4. Enter your values into the DAU/MAU formula

DAU/MAU ratio = (Daily active users / Monthly active users) x 100

5. Calculate metrics related to the topic

You can use DAU/MAU in conjunction with other metrics to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your business performance.

Formula for DAU/MAU ratio

DAU/MAU Ratio formula

Example of DAU/MAU ratio calculation

An example of the lack of uniformity is Twitter’s mDAU metric (TWTR).

Around 2018, Twitter announced it would no longer release MAU data, citing monetizable daily active users (mDAU) as a better measure of its user growth, monetization capabilities, and future prospects.

Twitter was likely hoping to avoid comparisons with its peers, such as Facebook, by presenting its user engagement in a better light.


DAU/MAU ratio

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