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Eddy, AI bot that fights SaaS churn while you focus on growth

Eddy loves data and uses that to smartly identify customers that need help today!

and we have you covered with...

360° view of customers
360° view of customers

Integrate with all third-party softwares that your business use to provide a single dashboard view for a customer.


Group customers with similar attributes that are available in the system together to help CSMs perform bulk actions.


Use plays to convert your customer success processes into templates making them reusable and repeatable.

Customer journey
Customer journey

Easily view which customers are moving from onboarding, adoption, renewal to advocacy and ones who need your help.

Health score
Health score

Monitor various parameters of your customer to provide a score that represents the likelihood of the customer churning.


Personalise and send emails, or NPS, CES and CSAT Surveys to customers allowing the CSM to manage customers with a personal touch.

Never miss a beat again!

Gives unprecedented 360 degree visibility of your customer by integrating with all your customer support tools

Customer journey

All-in-one platform for mapping your customer success journey


Create personalized tasks for CSMs and customers to ensure smooth onboarding.


Allow CSMs to create personalized campaigns and send reminders for subscription renewal.


Invite new users, share product information, put them in action and capture feedback.


Allow CSMs to identify happy customers and create opportunities for upselling.

Improve net revenue retention with Churn360

Your monthly recurring revenue
Your monthly churn rate
Your annual revenue can potentially increase by


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Truly simple!

Customer success doesn't have to be hard

Pre-configured Health KPI's
Integration and onboarding
Insights to decipher the vast data
Developer time required

Supported integrations

Churn360 integrates with the applications you love to use. It takes minutes and your customer success platform is ready to go!

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