Melissa Araujo

Customer Success Manager

Melissa Araujo is a dedicated Customer Success enthusiast, passionate about bringing customers and companies closer together.

Melissa Araujo
Melissa Araujo
Melissa Araujo

Customer Success Manager

Apura Cyber Intelligence

About Melissa Araujo

Melissa Araujo: a dedicated Customer Success enthusiast, passionate about bringing customers and companies closer together. Starting her journey in public relations, Melissa stumbled into the world of CS at a fintech company and immediately felt at home. With a natural talent for listening, empathy, and hands-on problem-solving, she delights in understanding customers’ needs and finding solutions that work just right for them. Melissa firmly believes that while technology like AI can be helpful, there’s no substitute for genuine human connections. Always eager to learn and grow, she embraces hard work, humility, and the thrill of seizing opportunities as they arise.

Melissa’s journey in Customer Success has been shaped by incredible mentors. First and foremost, her deepest admiration goes to Juliana Wecki Salcedo. Juliana’s guidance and wisdom have been invaluable to her. Additionally, Melissa must acknowledge Micheliane (Ane) Machado, her eternal friend, who sees her potential as a leader.

Key takeaways

1. How did you get into Customer Success?

I initially pursued public relations but stumbled upon a CS role at a fintech company. Despite my doubts, I landed the job and found my calling in CS. It’s now my mission and purpose.

2. What do you enjoy the most in your role?

Meeting people and understanding how they think, Each company has a different flow and each customer has a need to be met that is not the same as any other.

3. What skills do you believe someone excellent in CS should possess?

Active listening, compassion and hands-on skills.

4. How important do you think CS is for an organization?

Without CS, a company is at the mercy of guesswork, The CS area is important because it is the direct bridge between the end customer and the company.

5. What are your predictions for the direction of CS and CS platforms in 2024?

We will have AI to identify problems more effectively and to build more complex flows However, without a doubt, AI will not replace the relationship between people.

6. What tips do you have for anyone looking to enter CS?

Study and work hard. You’ll only be good when you recognize that you don’t know anything and that it’s very important, at times,to be the person who knows the least at the table.

7. How can individuals seeking a job in CS go about it? Any recommended forums/events?

LinkedIn is full of opportunities. Companies have realized that they need qualified people to fill their positions. I recommend the Success Coaching events and the Coursera courses.

8. What are some of the key challenges in the field of CS you have faced and what helped you overcome it?

My main challenge is to put my heart aside everyday in order to think rationally… But sometimes we need to listen to the more centered side in order to deal with crises and solve the client’s problem.

9. Who are your mentors or individuals you look up to in CS?

The first is Juliana Wecki. My deepest admiration goes to her. The second person made me see my potential as a leader, Micheliane Machado, my eternal friend.

Juliana andmicheliane
10. Your favourite book?

Digital Hesitation – why b2b companies aren’t reaching their full digital potential” (J.B. Wood, Thomas Law and The TSIA research team).

Digital Hesitation
11. Your favourite pastime.

My favourite pastime is getting to know different restaurants and places I’ve never been to before.

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