Anika Zubair

Head of Customer Success

A Customer Success Leader passionate about investing in people, scaling CS strategies globally, and fostering sustainable growth on the path to IPO/Exit.

Anika Zubair
Anika Zubair
Anika Zubair

Head of Customer Success


About Anika Zubair

Anika Zubair is a Customer Success Leader passionate about investing and developing people, scaling CS strategies and operations globally; with a growth mindset but a sustainable path to IPO/Exit.

I’ve been able to work with customers from around the world and help them take their businesses to the next level, which makes me incredibly happy and proud of their success.

I’m focused on customer success and passionate about customer relationships; I have demonstrated success by building highly productive international organizations, creating efficient and streamlined processes, reducing customer churn, managing change, and increasing customer revenue.

Key takeaways

1. How did you get into Customer Success?

Having been in customer-centric roles for over 13 years, I witnessed the evolution towards customer success. Shifting from sales to account management, I embraced the concept of Customer Success Manager, realizing its importance in retaining and growing the business.

2. What do you enjoy the most in your role?

Customer growth startups, building products and defining ideal customer profiles alongside developing customer success allows for constant experimentation and creativity. Trusted with autonomy, I’ve implemented innovative strategies, benefiting from the dynamic nature of the evolving customer success landscape.

3. What skills do you believe someone excellent in CS should possess?

I think that speaking to my experience specifically, but also like you just said, there’s a lot of change and maybe things happening that are going to shift in customer success. Customer Success requires resilience, curiosity, and revenue focus. Adaptability is vital amid organizational shifts, emphasizing understanding customer needs and fostering growth. Ensure a LinkedIn presence for professional networking and visibility.

4. What are your predictions for the direction of CS and CS platforms in 2024, given the increasing prevalence of AI?

I think 2023 was a year of discussion of AI. AI will play a critical role because it takes away a lot of the administrative part of customer success. How will it develop and how we use it for predictability or customer analytics or how we think it’ll shape the customer journey?

5. How can individuals seeing a job in CS go about it? Any recommended forums or events?

In today’s tough job market, the three skills that you need in CS – resilience, curiosity, and revenue-focused achievements are key for success. Stay resilient, explore creative job search approaches, and highlight revenue impact in interviews.

6. What are some of the key challenges in the field of CS you have faced and what helped you overcome it?

Ensure internal understanding of Customer Success’s revenue impact. Clarify its role as a revenue generator, not just a cost center. Avoid burnout by prioritizing value-added activities over people-pleasing.

7. Who are your mentors or individuals you look up to in CS?
Anika mentors
8. What is your favorite book?

The Mountain Is You – Transforming self- sabotage into self- mastery.

Anika favorite book
9. What is your favorite pastime?

I am an avid gym and yoga enthusiast, dedicating early mornings to my practice. Waking up at 5:30 AM for yoga, Pilates, or gym sessions might seem crazy to some, but it’s essential for my well-being and sets a positive tone for my day.

Anika pastime

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