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Key reasons why you should choose Churn360 over Gainsight

  • Fully customizable to suit your needs
  • AI-based insights for smarter decisions
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Flat pricing & zero onboarding charges
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Meets requirements
Ease of use
Quality of support
Customer health scores
Customer segments
Customer monitoring
Upsell opportunities
Churn risk
Reporting & dashboards
Data import & export tools
Performance & reliability

More reasons to choose Churn360
over Gainsight


Churn360 is a game-changing platform that boasts both user-friendliness and high customization, empowering businesses to adapt it to their unique requirements and tastes.

Increased revenue
Increased revenue

Maximize customer satisfaction and revenue with Churn360. Keep customers happy and engaged, leading to repeat purchases and upsells that fuel your business growth.

Seamless integration
Seamless integration

Revolutionize your customer success strategy by effortlessly consolidating all customer interactions and tools in a single, for unparalleled efficiency and growth potential.

Advanced analytics>
Advanced analytics

Churn360 revolutionizes customer retention strategies with advanced analytics that pinpoint the highest risk customers and empower companies to proactively take action.

Data privacy>
Data privacy

Churn360 ensures the highest level of safety and security for your customer data through its strong data privacy policies, which protect your business and its sensitive information.


Unlock the power of customer success with Churn360 – the most budget-friendly solution available, empowering businesses of any size to exceed expectations and drive growth.

Supported integrations

Churn360 integrates with the applications you love to use. It takes minutes and your customer success platform is ready to go!


Simple, straight-forward pricing

We don’t want to complicate pricing after designing a product with simplicity in mind!

Monthly Yearly Save 25%12 Months of value, Pay for only 9


per month
billed monthly annually
  • 1 – 4 CSM’s
  • Upto 500 customers
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per month
billed monthly annually
  • 5 – 9 CSM’s
  • Upto 2000 customers
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  • 10 and more CSM’s
  • Unlimited customers
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Frequently asked questions

  • How does your Churn360 differ from other customer success software?

    Churn360 has been designed with the customer in mind. It provides real-time insights into customer behavior and personalized recommendations to improve customer satisfaction and retention. We provide you with the ability to select the metrics you need to make informed decisions using our Custom dashboard. Additionally, you can improve your customer journey analytics by integrating the data sources of your customers. Our CSM’s are involved during the initial period of interactions and throughout your customer journey, which helps with seamless onboarding and increases your chance of utilizing the tool to the maximum.

  • Churn360 includes 24/7 customer support and training resources to ensure a smooth implementation and adoption process. Our team implements a structured handover procedure, wherein CSMs are involved in later stages of the sales cycle and along with the product consultant ensure the handover is as smooth as it can be.

  • Yes, our Churn360 integrates with a wide range of software tools, including CRMs, finance tools, support tools, and chat platforms. This ensures seamless integration with your existing technology stack.

  • Yes, Churn360 is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Our engineering team is extensive and regularly delivers new releases. Our product managers prioritize customer requests over planned roadmap items. Therefore, if you have a requirement that is also in demand by other customers, we can expedite the delivery of those features within a timeframe of 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Churn360 provides real-time insights into customer behavior and provides personalized recommendations to improve customer satisfaction and retention. This includes identifying areas for improvement and providing tailored engagement strategies to keep customers happy and engaged.

  • In a typical scenario where a software company uses multiple products to manage their customers, the customer is spread across tools like CRM’s, Financial Systems, Usage tracking software’s etc. making it very hard and time consuming for CSM’s to get a complete picture about a customer. Without a complete picture, trying to retain a customer is like shooting in the dark. If you experience this problem, the time to value is as soon as a few days. We just need to collect API keys for the software’s you use, and the data is then pulled in from all your software and CSM’s can start seeing a 360-degree view instantly adding huge value to their day-to-day job.

  • The time to first value is as soon as the integration is complete which takes from a day to a couple of weeks depending on your data quality. Once the data is integrated, our product along with your dedicated CSM will work with you to identify why customers have churned in the past. Based on this insight, Customer journeys, playbooks and health score will be configured that will help in identifying at risk Customers and using the defined playbooks steps can be taken by the CSM to proactively reduce churn. When Churn360 is used effectively a typical ROI is between 6 months and a year.

  • All our integrations and configurations can be done through our portal. As such if there is a unique identifier available across the multiple products that you use then integrations can be done in as quickly as a day. Typically, customers take between 1-4 weeks to arrange their data. During this period our CSM will be working with your team to understand your processes, analyzing your existing churn reasons and helping create Customer Journey’s, playbooks and Health Scores to get your system setup.

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