Average time to resolution

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What is average time to resolution?

Time To Resolution (TTR), Average Resolution Time (ART) is also known as Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR). This is a critical but common metric for call centers and customer service departments.

An average resolution time is a time it takes for an agent or representative to resolve an inbound sales inquiry or a customer service query.

The Average Resolution Time will vary based on the complexity of the customer service issue and the number of available agents to queue tickets during the measurement period.

How to measure average time to resolution

The Average Resolution Time is calculated by multiplying the total resolution time of all tickets resolved in a particular period by the total number of tickets solved during that period.

In addition, you can filter out pending and on-hold tickets when making the same calculation.

Average time to resolution formula

The average resolution time can be calculated using the following formula based on the preferred range.

Divided by the total number of resolved requests, the total duration of all resolved conversations is:

Average resolution time formula

SaaS average time to resolution calculation example

First, let’s define what we mean by average time to resolution. This metric measures the average time it takes for a SaaS company to resolve a customer tickets.

To calculate this metric, we need first to identify all of the customer tickets that were resolved within a certain period. For this example, let’s measure the average time to resolution for January.

Next, we need to calculate the average time it took to resolve each ticket. To do this, we take the total time to resolve all tickets divided by the total number of tickets.

Finally, we take the average of all the individual ticket time to get our overall average time to resolution for the month.

In this example, we had a total of 200 tickets that were resolved in January. The average time to resolve each ticket was 20 minutes. Therefore, the average time to resolution for the month was 20 minutes.

Keep in mind that this is just a simple example. In reality, many factors can affect the average time to resolution, such as the severity of the issue, the number of customer support staff, and the availability of resources.


Average time to resolution
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