Top Women Leaders & Influencers in Customer Success

Top Women Leaders & Influencers in Customer Success

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re thrilled to introduce you to some incredible women leading the way in Customer Success. These amazing individuals steer the ship of Customer Success with grace, resilience, and unwavering commitment. They’re more than just professionals.

Remember, this list isn’t complete, and there’s no specific ranking. We’d love to hear your nominations in the comments!

Get ready to feel inspired as we shine a spotlight on these remarkable women and discover how their achievements are shaping the industry.

Anika Zubair


Anika Zubair is a dedicated Customer Success Leader with a passion for investing in people and scaling CS strategies globally. With a growth mindset and a focus on sustainable growth, she has worked with clients worldwide to elevate their businesses. Anika excels in building productive international teams, streamlining processes, reducing churn, managing change, and boosting customer revenue. She’s driven by a commitment to customer success and fostering strong relationships.

Bhavika Kochhar


Bhavika Kochhar is an experienced professional with over 6.5 years of dedicated involvement in customer success. She holds a master’s degree in engineering management from the United States, known as an Engineer’s MBA. Recognized as one of the Top 100 Customer Success Strategists in both 2021 and 2022, Bhavika’s remarkable achievements also earned her a place among the Top 50 Women Customer Success Strategists in 2022, highlighting her significant impact in the industry. Passionate about fostering connections, Bhavika actively advocates for networking and knowledge-sharing through hosting meetups, LinkedIn Live Audio Events, and participating in community-building initiatives.

Carly Agar


Carly Agar transitioned from a 10+ year career in Customer Success to dedicate her time entirely to assisting Customer Success job seekers. Together with her team, she has successfully aided over 400 individuals in securing Customer Success positions in a competitive market. She focuses on various roles within the Customer Success spectrum, including Customer/Client/Partner Success, Onboarding, Account Management, Renewals, and Support. They offer support to both experienced Customer Success Managers with 1-7 years of experience and career transitioners from diverse backgrounds such as Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, Sales, and more. For newcomers, Carly offers free training courses accessible on her featured section or Her free training sessions are known for their actionable and practical advice, providing valuable insights for job seekers without any unnecessary fluff.

Cinthia Silva


Cinthia Silva  assists stakeholders in the trade surveillance space with analyzing and implementing compliance strategies to monitor their trade flows. She is dedicated to understanding the challenges of trade surveillance and advises leaders on leveraging data-driven insights to enhance their compliance programs. In addition to her professional endeavors, Cinthia is an avid traveler and a long-term yoga practitioner who enjoys experiencing other cultures. Her passion for exploration has led her to live and work in various countries, including the UK, France, and across Latin America. This diverse experience has provided her with a unique perspective on business culture across multiple regions.

Daphne Costa Lopes


Daphne Costa Lopes  leads Customer Success for HubSpot’s second-largest region, also overseeing This is Growth! a content platform aiding thousands of CS leaders in building and scaling teams. Over the past decade, she has been instrumental in assisting Scale-Ups and Fortune 500 firms in establishing and expanding global Customer Success teams, serving over 200,000 customers, and achieving $2 billion in ARR. Her journey began with a realization in 2011: prioritizing customer value not only ensures retention but also fuels demand growth. Customer Success serves as the second engine of growth for SaaS businesses. Guided by this principle, she dedicated four years to developing Customer Success as a Service Business. Their efforts resulted in generating thousands of SuccessQLs (Success Qualified Leads), demonstrating the revenue-driving potential of Customer Success.

Emilia D’Anzica


Emilia D’Anzica is the driving force behind Growth Molecules™. As a top Customer Growth Advisor of 2024 by IAOTP, she brings over two-decade expertise as a Chief Customer Officer in Silicon Valley. Emilia’s influence extends globally through advisory roles, esteemed authorship, and teaching at Saint Mary’s College of California. With academic credentials from the University of British Columbia and Saint Mary’s College, she resides in the San Francisco Bay Area as a trailblazing professional and devoted mother of three, inspiring unparalleled success with her unwavering commitment to excellence.

Irit Eizips


Irit Eizips is a world-renowned thought leader who has been pivotal in shaping Customer Success methodologies and best practices. Since 2013, she has been consistently voted among the top Customer Success strategists and influencers.

In 2014, Irit founded CSM Practice, the first customer success strategy consulting firm in the world. Since its inception, the firm has worked with hundreds of companies to design, build and optimize their customer success practices. The firm continuously produces educational content for the Customer Success community, including its ‘CSM Practice’

Maranda Dziekonski


Maranda Dziekonski holds the position of Senior Vice President of Customer Success at Datasembly, boasting over 20 years of experience in both working in and constructing world-class operations. With a track record of success, Maranda has effectively built and scaled teams in early and mid-stage startups. She has been integral to four companies achieving successful exits, including one unicorn.

Fun fact: Maranda is currently involved in her ninth startup endeavor! Despite having managed various functions like Sales, Marketing, HR, and Biz Ops, her true passion lies in Customer Success.

Melissa Araujo


Melissa Araujo is a committed Customer Success enthusiast who is deeply passionate about bridging the gap between customers and companies. Initially starting her career in public relations, Melissa found her calling in the world of Customer Success while working at a fintech company. She immediately felt a sense of belonging in this field. With a natural ability to listen, empathize, and solve problems hands-on, Melissa takes pleasure in understanding the needs of customers and crafting tailored solutions for them. She firmly believes that while technology like AI can be beneficial, genuine human connections are irreplaceable. Always eager to learn and grow, Melissa embraces hard work, humility, and the excitement of seizing opportunities as they come her way.

Yamika CH


Yamika CH  excels in Business Development, building strong client relationships, and providing proactive solutions. She values empathy and genuine connections, ensuring success for both clients and the business. As a leader in Customer Success, she drives growth and loyalty while reducing costs. Predicting AI automation in 2024, she emphasizes networking for newcomers and tackles challenges through effective communication. In her role, Yamika manages key accounts, tailoring solutions to meet client needs, and maintaining a robust sales pipeline through relationship building and lead generation.


We’re highlighting some incredible women in customer success! They, along with many others, are making the industry more inclusive and resilient. These amazing individuals are the ones who keep customers happy, and we celebrate their strength and ongoing success!

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