Value-added Proactive Customer Outreach by a CSM

Value-added Proactive Outreach by a Customer Success Manager

Customer success managers worldwide are responsible for customer retention and loyalty. They need to proactively outreach to customers, ensure their accounts are happy, and increase the avenues for account expansion. Customer success is now at the epicenter of all business operations and success. Every Customer success manager, Customer success leader, or Head of CS needs to improve the customer experience. This means they need to be proactive in their approach toward customers.

Proactive outreach is when you drive engagements and meetings through curiosity and transparency. You need to deliver success and value in the long run. Being proactive shows that you care for your customers without them coming forward and asking for help. You need to pivot your customer success strategy to meet customers regularly. CS managers need to anticipate, understand, and predict their account’s needs to meet them.

What is Proactive Customer Outreach?

Proactive customer outreach is when you reach out to customers much before they reach out to you for help. It means communicating with customers and ensuring they are happy and engaged with the product. A CSM needs to connect and keep in touch with multiple stakeholders at different touchpoints.

A proactive customer outreach strategy is a precursor to customer satisfaction. If the CS team is committed to solving the problems of customers, there is an increased chance of the customers retaining the company.

6 Forms of Value-added Proactive Customer Outreach

Value-added proactive outreach can be carried out in multiple types or forms. Some of them include-

1. Webinars:

Webinars can go beyond lead generation. You need to choose product-related topics that will be helpful for customers. For example: How to Solve X problem with Y feature. This solves specific pain points of customers and encourages them to stay connected with the brand. The webinar might proactively answer multiple burning questions they have. These will turn into resources that can be used anytime one needs a product information deck. Featuring top leaders in your space also allows you to come across as an expert or thought leader in the space.

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2. Regular Calls and Meetings:

Setting up regular calls and meetings will help customers know how proactive you are as a customer success manager. This also improves the overall relationship and reduces the number of doubts and questions one has. Keep these cadence calls professional. Follow up on questions they might have had in the past. Make notes of the questions and responses during the call.

3. Community Outreach:

Proactively reaching out to the customer community will help in improved product utilization and results. Community outreach is based on improving relations and interactions. Customers are also connected to each other. This way, they learn from each other and stay engaged.

4. Social Media:

CSMs need to stay in touch with the social media updates of customers and reach out to them in case of any new opportunities. It is also great to know how you or the company has contributed to the success. This will help in improving and strengthening the relationship with customers.

5. Voice of customer program:

CSMs need to listen to customers actively in order to keep track of and stay updated with their needs. It means gathering feedback from customers.

6. Resources such as case studies or blogs:

These will help solve customer issues to a good level. These relevant resources will be helpful in answering customer queries and catering to their specific needs. E-books, long form content, and videos are great ways to meet resource needs.

Best Ways to Ensure Value-driven proactive customer outreach

Here are some ways CSMs can proactively reach out to customers and ensure retention.

Include the right tech stack

Choosing the right tools and technology is half the work done. You need to proactively invest in a good tech stack in order to reach proactively. Customer success software will make it easier to communicate with your customers. This way, you know what problems or product questions they have. Intelligent tools can also reduce the time spent on unnecessary tasks. You can even get reports on specific aspects to analyze and improve going further.

Keep track of all account performance

Every CSM needs to manage their account properly. They need to start by collating a list of all accounts they are responsible for. Are there any outstanding tickets? What are their billing terms? Are they regularly paying? How is their product usage? Are there any forms of social media they feel comfortable with? What content forms are they consuming more? All this will help a CSM focus and spend accurately.

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Laser focused communication

After figuring out what accounts need to be communicated, it is important to fix a strategy for communication. Learn what channels cause the highest engagement. This will help with proactive communication to customers. This increases customer satisfaction and customer loyalty since the right touchpoints are tapped. Knowing the desired outcome of the outreach is important to review correctly. Good communication and content can lead to better NPS scores.

Just ask the Customer

Proactive customer outreach may mean different things to each customer. For some, it may seem like an intrusion, and others may think it is too less. You need to decipher the value you want to offer and how you want to go forward. Simply ask the customer what they want in terms of communication. This will simplify everything. Do they want someone reaching out via LinkedIn or email? Is the customer comfortable with regular communication or only when something important occurs? This also increases transparency across teams and members.

Bottom Line

Being proactive with customer outreach will help you engage with clients and move across your customer journey. A collaborative partnership across teams will make it easier to improve engagement. Value-based proactive customer outreach will help customers focus on the true results and value. This increases product engagement and development for building effective relationships.

Proactive outreach by customer success managers is necessary to improve brand engagement and enhance customer experience. Opting for resources like e-books, blogs, videos, and FAQs will help customers greatly. Good CS software will help meet customer pain points and keep customers invested with the company.

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