Customer Onboarding Specialist: Everything You Need to Know

Customer Onboarding Specialist_ Everything You Need to Know

An integral part of client success is the onboarding process. Having a dedicated customer onboarding specialist on staff is essential for providing consumers with the promised benefits in a timely and hassle-free manner.

From the time a customer signs up until they achieve their “first success” with your service, an onboarding specialist is there every step of the way. A client onboarding specialist aids customers in achieving their goals by ensuring they use the correct implementation of tools and strategies.

Specialists in customer onboarding help clients understand how your solution can help them meet their demands and help them achieve their objectives.

Why is it essential to have a dedicated customer onboarding specialist in SaaS?

Customer onboarding specialists are important to the success of a SaaS company overall as a result of their responsibility for the early adoption and retention of customers.

The success of a customer relies on many variables, one of which is the quality of their onboarding process. The onboarding process is crucial because it is when most customers drop off. Customer churn can take many forms, but with the help of a SaaS onboarding expert, it can be minimized.

Without a good onboarding process, the customer might get overwhelmed with all the features that your product provides and lose interest. So it is the job of the onboarding specialist to ensure the time to value for a customer is as quick as possible.

If you want your customer to have a positive experience and be motivated to learn about the product and use it to fulfill their goals, you should do what you can to minimize the amount of work it takes to deliver that early value.

Customer onboarding specialist skills

Customers need to be managed by individuals with a certain set of soft skills. Let’s discuss key abilities that customer onboarding specialists need to have to provide excellent service to customers.

Excellent communication skills

Communication is essential if you want to find solutions to problems and get things done efficiently. Effective communication is crucial for getting your message across to customers and ensuring they get your ideas.

Being an expert in customer onboarding means being ready for a constant stream of inquiries. You can expect a significant number of them to surprise you every day. As a result, you should pinpoint the source of the issue and provide a clear solution that addresses all of your customers’ concerns.


One of the most important aspects of providing excellent customer service is empathy. Customers will be satisfied and gain a better grasp of achievement if you show them empathy. Success in the customer service industry requires a strong grasp of empathy as a foundational talent.


The process of acquiring new customers never ends. Customers’ tempers sometimes flare, and they may need additional time and explanations to grasp the complexities of a situation fully. Having a lot of patience is one of the best things you can do to provide excellent service to your customers.

Ability to make decisions creatively and solve problems

The underlying cause is often a technical one that requires time to fix. The next step is to identify the responsible party and have them address the problem.

When dealing with a single, crucial customer requirement that could cause a customer to churn, it’s important to find the perfect answers to ease the user’s anxiety. That’s why it’s so important for a good customer onboarding specialist to be good at problem-solving.

Excellent product knowledge

As an onboarding specialist, you will be working with customers to troubleshoot technical issues, thus having a thorough understanding of your product is essential. If you want your product to succeed, you need to master every function it offers.

What are the main customer onboarding specialist responsibilities?

Now that we know why a client onboarding specialist is needed, let’s dive into what a customer onboarding specialist does?

Assist customers with the onboarding specialist customer implementation process

Specialists in client onboarding should aid users in setting up the new service. For instance, some customers may have never used the product before and are unaware of its full capabilities. It’s important for the onboarding expert to assist them with this, as it can lead to complications. The key focus being on the areas that the customer bought the product for in the first place.

Understand your customers expectations

Only if you understand your customers expectations, can you guide them in achieving your customers WOW moment as soon as possible. They are not interested in all the 30 features you have, they have bought the product for one specific reason, find that out and help them achieve it. The rest is a nice to have.

Enhanced Knowledge

Their primary objective is to increase the number of people who become thoroughly convinced of your product’s merits and become paying customers. Increasing adoption efficiency is a top priority for the onboarding staff.

Ability to Build up your consumer base

Provide exceptional onboarding services to ensure repeat business and happy customers. This way, you can more easily keep track of your customers’ payments and hand off paying customers to your customer success team.

Acquire and implement feedback from customers.

An organization’s goal in hiring a customer onboarding specialist is to boost product loyalty and user happiness. To make sure that the customer’s expectations are met, the onboarding specialist should solicit feedback from the customer once they have been helped. The next step is to use the information obtained from the surveys to improve customer retention rates.

The Average Salary of a Customer Onboarding Specialist

The average salary for an onboarding specialist is $43,875, and it is considered entry-level employment. When starting salaries are around $35,100, some companies go as high as $63,132. For the American market, this is the standard.

Customer success metrics

The average salary for an onboarding specialist is $43,875, and it is considered entry-level employment. When starting salaries are around $35,100, some companies go as high as $63,132. For the American market, this is the standard.

  • One’s level of experience
  • Market standard
  • Performance History
  • Business Size

The compensation rises as one gains experience and proves oneself productive in the workplace. Attention to detail in solving customer problems and maintaining open lines of communication are vital.

How to hire top-notch customer onboarding specialists?

You should expect a flood of generic applications for the position of onboarding specialist because it is viewed as an entry-level position.

However, there are a few techniques for drawing in only the most qualified and enthusiastic applicants. To begin, it’s important to choose a title that stands out and seems tough while writing the customer onboarding specialist job description.

Pick out some promising applications, and then prepare some insightful queries to ask the candidate during the customer onboarding specialist interview questions. What matters to you is not their five-year strategy but rather their ability to empathize, solve problems, and be patient.

Why Should You Use Churn360 as Your Customer Onboarding Tool?

The process of onboarding a new customer is a thrilling part of the customer success lifecycle. You get to show them how to use your product and fix their major issues. You can increase user retention by providing immediate value to new customers after they sign up for your products.

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The more you monitor critical onboarding KPIs and data, the more likely it is that your customers will be satisfied with your software and continue to use it. Customer lifetime value will be negatively impacted if you don’t make an attempt to develop a deep understanding of your customers’ habits and tendencies to churn. If your onboarding has been successful, you may learn what went wrong and how to improve it by looking at metrics and key performance indicators.

Rate of Keeping Customers

The percentage of users that remain committed to your service over time is known as its customer retention rate. As it gets more people using your product, onboarding is a key retention strategy for your company. Retention rate is a useful indicator of onboarding success because it shows how likely users are to continue using your product after they’ve figured out the basics.

Interaction with Customers

Customer success and satisfaction with the product are two of the most important outcomes you should aim for during the onboarding process. Users are less likely to defect if they are actively logged into and making use of the software on a regular basis.

Loss of customers

A strong indicator of how well your onboarding process is working is the rate of customer churn or the rate at which consumers discontinue using your product or service. Successful onboarding reduces customer turnover by ensuring users are quickly up to speed on the software’s features and benefits.

Rate of Completion

The completion rate refers to how many people actually finish your onboarding wizard. Having users that don’t finish your onboarding process means you have a lower chance of converting them into paying clients. You should monitor the points at which users are most likely to give up on your program and address any issues they may be having.


A customer onboarding specialist is precious to any SaaS business because of the standards they help establish for customer service and the number of new users they bring on board and turn into paying customers.

In doing so, you’ll guarantee that your company succeeds. This is the initial touchpoint, therefore any upselling, cross-selling, or contract renewals that occur here will be more successful. For these goals to be attained, customer onboarding specialists must be carefully selected and taught to use their unique set of skills. With the help of a competent customer onboarding specialist, you can reach the initial “onboarding complete” milestone.

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